Interview: Kelsey Miller

Last Thursday afternoon, I had the pleasure of interviewing American writer  Kelsey Miller. Brooklyn based, she is a Senior writer at Refinery 29 and is the creator of the website’s most popular section, The Anti Diet Project.

The project is a breath of fresh air to anyone who has had a difficult relationship with their bodies, dieting and fitness, offering a healthy lifestyle without the crash diets and undermining tone. These articles were initially a chronicle of Kelsey’s journey when she decided to quit dieting, but have become a joined collective of others who have had their own hang ups with health. Some with fitness obsessions, some with diet habits and some with Orthorexia.

Kelsey and I spoke over the phone about the Anti Diet Project, society’s relationship with food, the influence of social media and her new book, Big Girl. She was so honest and informative, and I cannot wait to write it all up to show you all!

I will be posting more updates on this blog, but also check out the Twitter @orthorexiammp to get in touch, leave a message or just have a browse!



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